Super Bowl Workout Fundraiser to Benefit Millstone Toddler

Wear your jersey to a bootcamp workout session and help fundraiser, and more this week in Hillsborough.

Are you a Seahawk or a Bronco fan? Even if your daily wardrobe is still NY Giants blue, you can join the Feb. 2 Super Bowl Bootcamp for Brave Billy, aimed at helping raise funds for medical treatments for Billy Biviano.

The Millstone toddler was diagnosed with a brain tumor and is currently undergoing treatments—and participants in the bootcamp at !mpact Training will help with 100 percent of the $20 fee donated to the Biviano family. 

The bootcamp will feature football-related exercises and drills—but don't worry, you don't have to be Richard Sherman fit—or Payton Manning amazing: variations on the drills for the less fit will be available, too.


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