Woodfern Celebrates First Day, 50 Years

Thursday was a special day for all Hillsborough students, but especially at Woodfern Elementary.

Thursday marked the end of summer vacation for the 7,400 Hillsborough students in the district, from kindergartners through high school seniors, as they made their way back to school on the first day of classes.

The start was a particularly special one for the 380 students at , as the Woodfern Road Runners celebrate the school's 50th anniversary.

Third grader Jessica Erickson got a special treat when she entered through the school's front doors. As the 50th student to enter the building, Erickson was to be treated to a special lunch by Woodfern's first-year principal Steven Kerrigan, who transferred from after serving as its vice principal.

A gallery from the opening of school at Woodfern, and the 50th anniversary celebration, appears above.


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