New Personnel Head Hired for Hillsborough Schools

Guy Whitlock named assistant superintendent for personnel.

Verona resident Guy Whitlock was named Hillsborough School District's new assitant superintendent of personnel at Monday's board of education meeting.

Whitlock is currently serving as the director of special services for Montclair schools. He has also served as principal of Mt. Hebron Middle School, in Montclair, where he taught Social Studies and Language Arts in the 1990s.

Whitlock brings more to the position than an educational background, however: he holds a JD from New York University Law School, and worked for about 10 years in law, including a stint as an attorney for the Toys 'R' Us corporation.

He was accompanied to the meeting by his wife, Toni, and son, Kendal.

Whitlock takes over the job being vacated by Scott Rocco, who has been named superintendent at Spotswood Public Schools. Whitlock's salary was set at $155,000 annually, to be pro-rated based on his starting date.

Whitlock won't be able to start until he is either released from his current contract by the Montclair Board of Education, or on Feb. 18, after giving 60 days notice. The board approved hiring Andy Rinko as an interim assistant superintendent at a rate of $475 per day, which board member Judy Haas objected to.

"I see no reason to pay $475 per day; I see no reason to pay for 60 days," she said.

Human Resources Committee Chairman Christopher Pulsifer said the 60-day time span is the maximum possible with Whitlock giving notice of his intentions this week, and the rate is the current daily rate paid for the position, the standard method for determining temporary employees' pay.

As for the need for an interim assistant superintendent, Pulsifer pointed out the district in the middle of implementing the new teacher evaluation system, as well as other critical projects.

"We did not feel we could afford to not have somebody in this position taking care of all this work," he said. 

Edward P. Campbell December 19, 2012 at 07:45 PM
It is simple. The school system has a budget that is constrained to a 2% increase. So if they don’t spend that money over the next 60 days, they won‘t have that money to spend ever again. Stupid isn’t it? But that's our government for ya!
Marcus Ward December 19, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Its even more simple than that. Google Mr. Rinkos name. He was a former principal in Readington... where Schiff is from. Nice to help your friends.
Educator December 22, 2012 at 03:57 PM
It's "Dr. Rinko" and you are getting your money's worth! He has much more experience than simply a "former principal in readington" but I'm sure everyone can research that in addition to extensive "Google" searches. It is evident that the people posting don't know the critical needs of school districts due to Governor's Christie's latest mandates and the constantly evolving changes imposed by the NJDOE either. I'm glad they appointed Dr. Andrew Rinko!
Steve Abramo December 23, 2012 at 05:51 PM
60 days worth of "our moneys worth". Seriously? Im sure they get TONS of progress made in 60 days through the holidays!
rbdog December 26, 2012 at 09:57 PM
educator......." critical needs of school districts due to Governor's Christie's latest mandates and the constantly evolving changes imposed by the NJDOE" Do you really mean his wanting accountability. Sounds like Mr. Campbell explained it more clearly. And putting "Dr" in front pf his name does not justify this short term spending!!!


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