Democratic Alliance Meets Wednesday

Local group also plans book club discusison Feb. 28.

The Hillsborough Democratic Alliance is off to a strong start in 2013, and is moving forward with programming in February.  

The regular monthly meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, at Avalon Assisted Living, 393 Amwell Road.  After hearing two terrific speakers in the past two months, Charlie Kratovil from New Brunswick Today and Heather Taylor from Citizens Campaign,  the membership will be synthesizing what has been presented with President Obama’s agenda for 2013, and discussing the political landscape locally, statewide and nationally, in order to plan this year’s activities.  The meeting is also a good chance to meet and socialize with Democrats and other progressives in Hillsborough.  Refreshments are provided at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 6:45 p.m.  Current and prospective HDA members are welcome to attend the meeting.

On Feb. 28, the Politics Book Club will meet at Lenny’s Pizza and Pasta (in the Kingsbridge Shopping Center on South Branch Road) from 7 – 9 p.m. to discuss “Blessed are the Organized: Grassroots Democracy in America” by Jeffrey Stout.  This announcement is made one month ahead to give you time to read the book, but you can join the group for dinner, good discussion, and camaraderie even if you haven't completed the book.  Contact Jim Bergstrom, HDA Vice President at  james.bergstrom@comcast.net to RSVP.

Alliance members recently gathered on inauguration night and watched a recast of President Obama’s inaugural address. While all were all inspired by his speech as a whole, many were also struck by the very specific way the President identified core priorities--gun control, climate change, immigration reform, gender equality, fiscal responsibility, jobs creation, and the full realization of health care reform.  The day before the inauguration, Organizing for Action was announced. As an Obama Term 2 initiative, this will focus on implementing the President’s agenda through local efforts.  The HDA suggests members register for OFA at www.barackobama.com, so that individual and local efforts can be coordinated.  

All look forward to hearing further details about the President’s agenda during the State of the Union Address at 9 p.m. Feb. 12. 

Focusing on governmental transparency and accountability, the Hillsborough Democratic Alliance provides all participants with an opportunity to discuss the issues facing Hillsborough, Somerset County, New Jersey, and the nation as a whole.  Members can become civically engaged in any area of concern, including charitable causes, economics, environment, and education, among others. The Alliance encourages those who supported President Obama’s re-election and others to participate in Alliance activities.

Please check out "Hillsborough Democratic Alliance" on Facebook at any time for more information.




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