RECOVERY: Shore Moving On After Sandy

Even after the worst storm of their lives, people are coming back to the beaches and the communities that serve them

The dunes may be 12 feet high, but they don't stop people from going to the water.

The surf may be rough and cold, but that only entices the surfers who like it when nobody's around.

The boardwalks may be gone - or they may have dips and curves, and broken planks pushed to the side - but the people who love the beach still walk on it.

It was the worst storm of their lives, one that changed everything they remember about the Jersey Shore. But people are already coming back to visit and rebuild the beaches, and shop at the nearby stores.

In Toms River, signs proclaim: WE ARE OPEN. Clean-up that started weeks ago continues as merchants put up holiday decorations. Distribution sites remain stocked and eager to help those in need at Bellcrest Plaza.

This is a photo essay of what's happening in Point Pleasant Beach and Toms River, and what's happening to those people. 


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