Rutgers Thanks Hillsborough

Donations from town have been particularly high, according to official.

Rutgers University thanked residents of Hillsborough and Belle Mead for their generosity in donating to the university during its “Our Rutgers. Our Future” campaign.

The money helps fund scholarships to the 86 percent of Rutgers students who receive financial aid.

"Our research shows that Hillsborough-area residents have been particularly generous ..." Temporary Associate Director of Creative Services Anne Sherber said.

One of those students is 19-year-old Olivia Austin, of Belle Mead. Austin is finishing her first year at the school. She plans to become a high school teacher.

“My grandfather used to tell me stories about World War II, and I fell in love with the subject,” Austin said on a Rutgers Web page.

Austin's Harvey M. Schwartz Endowed Scholarship, plus money from Montgomery High School, the Community Blood Council of New Jersey, and Walmart, made it possible for her to enroll at Rutgers as a freshman in fall 2011. Austin's mother died 10 years ago and her mother has worked extremely hard to support the family. Austin called the money "life-changing."

You can head here to read more on Austin's story, how Hillsborough helped, and how you can donate.

Sue M May 18, 2012 at 12:38 AM
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