VIDEO: Historical Figures Come to Life at ARIS Program

Fifth-grade students research, portray historical figures in presentations

Auten Road Intermediate School fifth-grade students dressed as Albert Einstein and Marie Curry, Dr. Seuss and Leif Ericson and many more historical figures, concluding a project for their class.

To complete the project, students were required to perform independent research on their characters, assembly information for the presentation, and create costumes or make-up appropriate to help them step into roles as their historical characters.

Tuesday, the students filled the school cafetorium and posed as museum exhbits—until passers-by "pushed" a large start button to kick off a presentation.

Students participating in the program, and their historical characters, included:

Scott DeMouth (Neil Armstrong), Matt Conlon (Franklin D. Roosevelt), Emily Buisson (Walt Disney), Valery Delgado (Martha Graham), Jake Ginsberg (Dr. Seuss), MJ Nostrand (Thomas Edison), Ethan Everett (Albert Einstein), Alexa Swetz (Rosa Parks), Sophia Yanuzzelli (Helen Keller), Nabel Saleem (Leonardo Da Vinci) Lia Londenberg (Harriet Tubman), Sean Penko (Christopher Columbus), Jack Spitzer (Steve Wozniak), Matt Stroka (Abraham Lincoln), Grace O'Sullivan (Helen Keller), AJ Bryce (Victor Wouk).

Anna Vicci (Marie Curie), Emma Poeckh (JK Rowling), Jessi Herterich (Annie Oakley), Jamie Moni (Nelson Mandela), Veda Kota (Jane Austin), Chris Kang (Paul Revere), Ashin Murphy (Amelia Earhart), Ka'Mari Williams (Maya Angelou), Patrick Gilleece (Bill Gates), Courtney Wengryn (Judy Blume), Shweta Kumar (Susan B. Anthony), Kylie Laverty (Jackson Pollock).

Joe Harmon (Ben Franklin), Brianna Schneider (Joan of Arc), Jonathan Roosa (Milton Hershey), Leah Harris (Jane Goodall), Brad Marra (Daniel Boone), Hoang-Yen Le (Betsy Ross), Sarah Mazich (Frida Kahlo), Lucy Wang (Hillary Clinton), Keean Saadi (Barack Obama), Darshan Patel (Orville Wright), Julia La Police (Michelle Obama), Kya Risher (Rudy Bridges).

Jason Wolff (Thomas Jefferson) Carson Freda (Ben Franklin), Shanaya Sood (Nikola Tesla), Graham Purdy (Joshua Chamberlin), Julian Vidal (Martin Luther King), Jenny Staiton (Rosa Parks), Hailey Wehner (Princess Diana), Danielle Morgan (Dr. Seuss), Morgan Krempasky (Georgia O'Keefe), Sarah Jolly (Sacagawea), Carmen Bisignano (Theodore Roosevelt), Madison DeLucia (Beverly Cleary).

Jeffery Jiang (Alexander Graham Bell), Monica Rodriguez (Princess Diana), Aidan Bremer (Abraham Lincoln), Jacob Simon (Henry Ford), Faith Bailey (Katherine Dunham), Maddie Dowe (Marie Curie), Hailey Pfeiffer (Anne Frank), Josh Norbut (Bill Gates), Eesha Bhaskar (Anne Frank), David Gonzalez (Martin Luther King), Sarah Tasetano (Florence Nightingale), Akash Sureshkumar (George Washington Carver).

Olivia Huang (Betsy Ross), Sofia Pereira (Helen Keller), Amanda Wendt (Walt Disney), Gautham Nagrajan (Abraham Lincoln), Cameron Smith (Leif Ericson), Chris Ji (Isaac Newton), Ethan Ries (Steve Jobs) and Luke Monsorno (Jim Henson).

Mary Ann Bryce December 12, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Someone should learn how to spell Marie Curie
John Patten December 12, 2012 at 08:32 PM
If that's the only name misspelled in that list, I'm happy! But we'll fix any errors when noted.
Mary La Placa December 12, 2012 at 11:08 PM
How exciting to see the Living Museum shared with the community. Thank you for highlighting each child's name and their biography in the article. The students became the teachers that day bringing their person to life along with their story & contributions. I am so proud of these students. Mary La Placa


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