Hillsborough Still Above State Average on Test Scores

School report card data for the 2010-11 school year was recently released by the New Jersey Department of Education.

have seen improved performance by students on a number of measures, according to data released by the New Jersey Department of Education.

This year's school report card, which compiles data from the 2010 - 2011 school year, indicates that SAT scores have steadily risen at , while the percentage of students scoring advanced proficient on the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) tests remains well above state averages.

Here are Hillsborough's average SAT scores from 2010-2011, as compared to the state averages and to the school's previous year's averages:

Hillsborough Average 2010-2011 SAT Math - 576; Verbal - 544; Essay - 551
State Average 2010 - 2011 SAT Math - 518; Verbal - 493; Essay - 496 Hillsborough Average 2009 - 2010 SAT Math - 576; Verbal - 539; Essay - 545 State Average 2009 - 2010 SAT Math - 520; Verbal - 496; Essay - 499

Hillsborough remains above state average, and has seen slight increases in verbal and essay scores from 2009-10 to 2010-11.

has also seen an increase in the percentage of students scoring at the proficient level of the HSPA, but slight decreases in the partial proficient and advanced proficient categories:

Language Arts HSPA Partial Proficient Proficient Advanced Proficient Hillsborough 2010 - 2011 2.2% 63.5% 34.3% State 2010 - 2011 9.6% 69.3% 21.2% Hillsborough 2009 - 2010 2.7% 59.3% 38% State 2009 - 2010 12% 69.3% 18.7%

For language arts proficiency, Hillsborough remains above the state's average with regard to advanced proficient students, and well below average for partially proficient students.

For mathematics, Hillsborough remains above state averages in advanced and below for partial, but has seen a slight increase in lower levels of achievement and a slight decrease in higher levels of achievement:

Mathematics HSPA Partially Proficient Proficient Advanced Proficient Hillsborough 2010 - 2011 10.5% 50.2% 39.4% State 2010 - 2011 23.8% 50.5% 25.7% Hillsborough 2009 - 2010 8.2% 50.4% 41.4% State 2009 - 2010 25% 50.7% 24.3%

Besides test scores, the school report card also reports other data, such as school suspensions and teacher salaries. 

Suspension rates in Hillsborough have remained steady and are low when compared to the state. Here are the percentage of students suspended during the school year:

Student Suspensions Hillsborough 2010 - 2011 4% State 2010 - 2011 13% Hillsborough 2009 - 2010 4% State 2009 - 2010 14%

The median salaries of faculty at the school has steadily increased since 2008 - 2009, but so has the median years of experience for faculty members at the school:

2008 - 2009 2009 - 2010 2010 - 2011 Hillsborough District Median Salary $64,300 $66,220 $70,520 Hillsborough District Median Years of Experience 11 12 13

Data from Hillsborough Elementary School and Hillsborough Middle School indicate similar trends as the high school: Students from the district perform at higher levels than the state averages on all measures of the NJASK tests. 

happyresident June 08, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Both of my children are in Sunnymead school and I am very happy with the wholistic style of education they are receiving. A great foundation of the 3 R's and also being taught to be good citizens, to be kind. The gym , art,music and library teachers are amazing! The school nurse is extremely smart and is on top of the kids with allergies,asthma,diabetes,etc The illnesses hat could become a life threatening emergency. The school principal is very strict and fair, very much a micro manager and I love her! Nothing goes on in the school that she is not aware of. The scores are excellent. We have a Chinese, Indian,African ,hispanic and very multicultural population that are ESL. These kids are very smart but I think test scores may not show the actual amount of education instilled.:-) This multiculturalism really makes our children more accepting of differences .


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