Township Renews County Recycling Agreement

Officials note no change in collection charges for 12th year.

Hillsborough’s Township Committee passed a resolution authorizing an agreement between Somerset County and Hillsborough Township for residential recycling pick-up representing no increase in the per household rate for the 12th consecutive year.

“Once again, we have good news with regards to this contract; the Freeholders have again frozen the per-household rate for recycling pickup at $23.85 for the 12th consecutive year,” stated Deputy Mayor Gloria McCauley, liaison to the Sustainable Hillsborough Committee, as the resolution was considered by the Committee. 

“Through participating in the recycling program, we are assisting in reducing our landfill footprint, which is good for our environment," added McCauley.
As part of the agreement, a detailed description of what can be part of the curbside recycling program as designated by the County’s Solid Waste Management Plan is listed below: 

  • All newsprint – securely tied in bundles no more than twelve inches in height, not to exceed 30 pounds each
  • All chipboard (including cereal, cake, pasta, cracker, gift, shoe boxes, poster board) and corrugated paper boxes / materials tied in bundles not more than 24 inches square
  • Junk mail, catalogs, magazines and school papers placed in a brown bag
  • All glass bottles, jars and aluminum cans, rinsed and with lids removed are to be placed in a recycling bucket
  • All tin-plated steel and bimetal food and beverage cans are to be placed in the recycling bucket
  • All plastic bottles marked #1-#7, water, soda, milk, juice, soap detergent, bleach, shampoo and cleaning products all can be placed in the same recycling bucket as the above glass, steel and aluminum, rinsed and lids removed

“The County’s website is a great resource for recycling tips," concluded the Deputy Mayor.
Additional programs offered through the county include the 1st Saturday of the Month Drop-off Days, at the Somerset County Recycling Center, the first Saturday of the month from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Acceptable recyclables for the drop off include: newspapers, magazines, junk mail and other paper, chipboard and corrugated cardboard, phone books, all plastic bottles and containers #1-#7, microwave ovens, aluminum, steel and bimetal cans, textiles, antifreeze, scrap metal, used motor oil, oil filters, glass bottles, empty and dried-out steel paint cans, passenger tires (limit of 8 tires with or without rims), electronics, rechargeable and button-cell batteries. 


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