UPDATE: New PBA Contract Caps Payouts

Agreement sets restructures pay increases for newer officers.

Terms for the new contract between Hillsborough Township and Hillsborough PBA Local #205 sets an average increase in pay at 1.25 percent per year over the three years of the contract—but does not include any increases for 2012.

According to a summary of differences between the new contract agreement and the contract which expired Dec. 31, 2011, provided by Township Administrator Anthony Ferrera, the agreement also sets limits to termination leave pay-outs and changes allowances for clothing, shoes and other items.  

PBA President Ted Lewis could not be reached for comment on the terms, but Ferrera said the agreement came about because "everyone wanted to get it done."

"I thought it was a very good dialogue," he said.

The contract will also reduce salaries for new sergeants, and ends overtime pay for officers attending briefings.

The contract also changes the way salaries for officers hired in 2012 and later will be increased, based on their length of service. The new agreement eliminates longevity pay until officers have been in service for a minimum of 10 years, and reduces the percentage of incerase awarded for longevity.

Furthermore, patrol officers will have a 10-step salary guide instead of six steps.

And payouts for accumulated leave when an officer sleaves the department will be capped at $7,500.  

Changes in the agreement affecting officers hired after Dec. 31, 1996, include 
capping termination leave payments at $15,000.

Police will also participate in the State Health Benefits Plan, including participating in co-pays and will pay increases in the plan's costs and co-pays during the term on the contract.

Original report: 

After more than a year of sometimes difficult negotiations, an agreement between Hillsbrough Township and Hillsborough PBA Local No. 205 has been reached.

The Township Committee approved the agreement at Tuesday's committee meeting, terms of which were not available following the vote.

"It's never an easy process negotiating collective bargaining agreements," Mayor Carl Suraci said. "This contract meets the 2 percent property tax cap law and is consistent with recent PBA contract awards that have been achieved through the very costly binding arbitration process."

Mayor Suraci described the agreement as one committee members "believe is fair to both the PBA and to our taxpayers."

The contract, if approved by the PBA membership, will cover the period of 2012 to 2014. Any pay increases included as part of the agreement will be paid retroactively to the officers.  


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