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Resident Chosen as Democratic Electoral College Member

Ida Ochoteco would cast one of 14 NJ votes should the state choose President Barack Obama.

Hillsborough resident Ida Ochoteco was elected earlier this month to be to be one of 14 members of New Jersey's Democratic Electoral College, a release by the Hillsborough Democratic Organization said.

The 14 members, elected by the New Jersey State Democratic Party, would cast their votes in December for President Barack Obama if so determined by the voters of New Jersey in November. 

Ochoteco serves along with her husband, Al Ojeda, as co-chair of the Somerset County Democratic Committee’s Hispanic American Caucus. Nominated by Somerset County Democratic Chair Peg Schaffer, Ochoteco is also the secretary of the Hillsborough Democratic Committee. 

Michael Goldberg, who is chair of the Hillsborough Democratic Committee and a member of the New Jersey State Democratic Committee, also cast his vote for Ochoteco.

“It was thrilling to vote for Ida because she epitomizes the spirit of democracy in action by working hard day in and out to support what she believes to be important to her country, her state, her county and the community she lives in,” Goldberg said. 

“I am so honored and proud to be one of the 14 people who have been chosen to be a member of the Electoral College,” Ochoteco said. “I became a proud citizen of this great country two years ago, so I truly appreciate the electoral process and know that voting is a right and a privilege that should not be taken for granted. I urge all to vote in November.” 

Republicans will also elect 14 members of the Electoral College. The number is determined by the total of the state's 12 congressional members and its two senators. The outcome of the general election in November determines which candidate receives those electoral votes, which are officially cast in December at a session in Trenton. A total of 270 Electoral votes are needed to win the Presidential election. 

Gail Solomon October 01, 2012 at 02:00 AM
Way to go, Ida!!!
Jorge Salvador May 27, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Que joyita que eligieron, en la cárcel del Paraguay todavía la recuerdan con mucho cariño!!!!


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