New Rescue Squad Building Closer to Reality

Ordinance secures land for expanded facility near Hamilton Road.

If approved following a public hearing, the township will use $350,000 from a developer's fund for a new rescue squad facility near Hamilton Road and the Route 206 Bypass to purchase land for the facility. 

"These funds are from a developer's contributions, Country Classics—which graciously agreed to provide the majority of the funding to extend our ability to respond to calls in the eastern portion of the township," Mayor Carl Suraci said at the ordinance's introduction at the Nov. 27 committee meeting. 

Ordinance 2012-35 appropriates the funds from the Country Classics Emergency Medical Agreement, created in 2005 as an off-site contribution by Van Cleef Engineering as the developer was expanding the Country Classics subdivision. The fund totals $1 million for the building and $150,000 for the purchase of an ambulance.

The ordinance notes the township accepts the assignment of a contract for the purchase of a lot by Hillsborough First Aid & Rescue Squad, Inc., from the owners of Central Jersey Nursery.

The rescue squad has been working to upgrade the aging and undersized existing station off Hamilton Road to better serve the east side of Route 206. Plans for the project have been on hold as the bypass was being built, but with the project approaching completion, purchase of the lot is the first step to be taken for the project.  

The public hearing for the ordinance will be held at the Dec. 18 Township Committee meeting.


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