Election Workers See Steady Flow of Voters

Steady streams of voters visit the polls, though election workers haven't yet seen lines of voters.

While election workers haven't been innudated with voters today, it's still been a stead stream of people at several polling locations today.

In the first few hours of the polls opening, districts have seen between 30 and 45 voters, according to election officials. Some districts, like district 12, which votes in Hillsborough Middle School have not yet hit the 30 person mark, having seen only 24 people cast their ballots.

Other districts, like district 26, which votes in the Municipal Building, have seen 49 voters since polls opened at 6 a.m.

"Ours has been steady," Gayle Cimino, an election official working at the middle school, said. "We haven't had any lines but who knows what is going to happen this afternoon.

Township officials are sweeping the town's polling locations, and said the numbers have been between 30 and 40 people. They're calling the numbers a medium turnout for Hillsborough.

"So far, the highest area we've found is Woodfern," Township Administrator Mike Merdinger said. "I think they were at 40. People on the mountain just got electricity back and wanted to celebrate."

But a medium voter turnout for Hillsborough can be considered low for other areas in Somerset County. Merdinger attributed some of the turnout to the Hillsborough candidates on the leglislative ballot.

"That usually draws more people in Hillsborough," he said. "The turnout is better.

"Besides, it's a nice day out," he added.


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