Woman Lied to Get Cheaper Auto Insurance, Prosecutor Says

Authorities said Hillsborough resident was married, even though she put she was single.

A Hillsborough woman has been charged with insurance fraud after misrepresenting information to obtain a cheaper auto policy, the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office said.

Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey D. Soriano said Maria Demeter, 42, obtained two motor vehicle policies since 1999 from New Jersey Manufacturer's as a single woman in a household with no residents, when she was in fact married and living with her husband, who was a registered New Jersey driver. The company sent a referral to the prosecutor's office in April indicating that Demeter recently disclosed that she had made material misrepresentations in obtaining the insurance.

Soriano said Demeter's false information led to her receiving a policy with lower rates than she would have received if she would have provided truthful information, due to her husband's driving record.

Soriano said the insurance fraud charge is a third-degree charge.


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