Family Accused of Beating Cops Denied Probation Program

Father, son and daughter would have had aggravated assault charges dropped if program was approved and completed successfully.

A Mountain View Road father, son and daughter have been rejected for admission into the state’s pre-trial intervention program which, if completed successfully, would have led to the dropping of aggravated assault charges against them.

George Teeple, 68, Danielle Teeple, 31, and Kevin Teeple, 36, were indicted in July on charges in connection with an alleged confrontation in May when police said they punched and wrestled with police officers.

The Teeples are now scheduled to appear on Oct. 26 before Superior Court Judge Paul Armstrong for a status conference on their cases.

The Teeples still have the option of agreeing to a plea or taking their cases all the way to trial.

According to a statement by the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office, Hillsborough Police Cpl. Brian McCarron stopped a Ford pickup truck on Mountain View Road shortly before 11 a.m. on May 14. The driver, Kevin Teeple, got out of the truck and began walking toward his Mountain View Road home, the prosecutor's office said.

A passenger, George Teeple, also got out of the truck and confronted McCarron, the prosecutor's office said. Teeple allegedly ignored McCarron's orders to get back inside the vehicle and was instructed he was being placed under arrest, the prosecutor's office said.

George Teeple then resisted being handcuffed and wrestled with McCarron, the prosecutor's office said. Kevin Teeple and Danielle Teeple then came out of their home and confronted Officer Jason Beverett, who arrived as backup, the prosecutor's office said.

Danielle Teeple allegedly punched Beverett in the face, the prosecutor's office said. Danielle Teeple and Kevin Teeple then continued to assault Beverett by punching and wrestling with him, the prosecutor's office said.

Officer Christopher Engelhardt and his K-9 then responded to the scene and the Teeples were able to be placed under arrest, the prosecutor's office said.

After being placed in a patrol car, Danielle Teeple allegedly kicked out the left rear window and attempted to climb out of the vehicle before she was secured, the prosecutor's office said.

sammy September 27, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Money , money and more money. They cost us money since we have an officer hurt. They cost us money because we need to prosecute, and they will cost us money to house them in jail. Anyone who is willing to attack a police officer must serve jail time. But this costs money! Can we not just ship them to Iran? One way.
Jill September 28, 2012 at 12:30 PM
White Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And youre right Sammy, we all pay one way or another for these trash, who obviously need mental help, or drug detox or anger management. Where the hell do they get off assaulting officers of the law? Jail is a must!


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