Calls From FBI Demanding Money Are Scams, Police Say

Several residents report getting calls demanding money to avoid arrest.

When the FBI calls, most people answer—but when the FBI calls and wants money, Hillsborough Chief of Police Paul Kaminsky says, it's a scam.

Chief Kaminsky said some Hillsborough residents have reported receiving phone calls or emails from people claiming to represent the FBI. The caller then says there's an outstanding warrant that must be cleared up, and offers to assist the victim by suggesting they provide debit or credit card information, or provide an address to send a prepaid debit card to.

"The FBI does not send out emails or make phone calls soliciting personal information from citizens, or request or demand payments for warrants from citizens," Chief Kaminsky said. 

In September, a Bridgewater woman sent a prepaid card with $365 after receiving a call from someone claiming to represent Hunterdon County law enforcement. The woman was told she needed to pay the warrant to avoid arrest after her vehicle was photographed running a red light.

Chief Kaminsky said residents can get more information on the FBI website, and urged residents who feel they may have had identity information compromised to contact their banks and credit card companies, and request an alert on files with credit bureaus. 


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