Letter: Thuy Anh Le for Hillsborough Township Committee

A "Letter to the Editor"

I was delighted to read the announcement that Thuy Anh Le is seeking the Democratic nomination for the Hillsborough Township Committee.  I have known Thuy Anh for 18 years.  She has the skills and integrity to make Hillsborough’s government work better. 

Thuy Anh’s credentials are superior – a highly effective School Board member, Sustainable Hillsborough Steering Committee Chair, founding member of BoroGreen, a Girl Scout Leader for more than a decade, and a volunteer for numerous school activities from Marching Band and theatre to Young Authors’ Day and ARIS festivals.  Her hard work was acknowledged in 2011 when she was recognized as Somerset County’s Outstanding Women of the Year for Environmental Initiatives.

Her impressive resume is only part of what Le will bring to the Township Committee.  Thuy Anh’s most outstanding personal quality is her integrity.  The hundreds of people who know her from her countless many volunteer efforts know what I am saying.  Thuy Anh is an example of what can we be.  In a time when we are constantly saddened by the lack of virtue in public life, we have a chance to vote for someone who breaks the mold.

Thuy Anh is also a remarkably open person.  As someone who has worked with her in various volunteer activities I have watched her listen to the differing opinions of others and work hard to incorporate all opinions into her decisions.  Thuy Anh does more than pay lip-service to listening to others.  Perhaps because people appreciate her integrity and sincerity, Thuy Anh has an uncanny ability to get people to work together for a common purpose.  This is what Hillsborough needs.

Hillsborough is lucky to have such an outstanding person seeking office.  I encourage all Democrats to vote for Thuy Anh Le and her running mate, John Beggiato, in the June 3rd primary.

Jack ripper March 20, 2014 at 12:41 PM
According to the BOE meetings it's disappointing to see all the voted for and allowed wasteful spending. Although she may be a lovely women, it isn't convincing enough to vote for someone who has the power of a vote that effects not only the schools but the towns taxes which both have suffered extremely. Now privatization. To save money that was poorly spent to begin with. It's sad to see what this district has become :(
sammy March 21, 2014 at 10:16 AM
She was another of the majority that thwarted any action to take on the Union. Has she ever voted for the taxpayer? NO! Agreed , she has a large following , is a do-gooder and surely cares about enviro issues, but is that what we are voting for? Nice person, who wants to watch over the environment with INTEGRITY. ReallY? Still not enough of a reason to rid ourselves of Doug and Gloria, they are stand out public servants devoting daily hours to the job, nights, weekends and endlessly listening to their constituents, and acting when possible and neccessary. The results are there... we are a Nationally Recognized Town.
sammy March 21, 2014 at 10:18 AM
i forgot to add... Tom , based on your past choices of supporting Obama , and ensuing disaster of the Affordable Care Act, why should we follow your advice?


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