Go Go Gadget Gadgetry

I like the smell of magazines and old library books. There's something comforting about actually touching the pages. As technology progresses, I just may be regressing a bit, but I like it!

I thought I’d never see the day when I became like my parents when it came to technology.

I remember back in the 80s when VCRs first became popular.  My parents would just sit watching 12:00AM blink, perpetually on the front face of the machine until my brother or I got sick of it flashing like a bad neon sign, and we set the time for them.  The same thing happened back in the day with the first family answering machine.  My brother and I were the “gurus” that sat my parents down explaining what the “Play” and “Delete Message” buttons do.  I’m surprised they even got the hang of that.

While no one can argue that technology improves with age; age is not an asset when it comes to technology.  My daughter catches on quicker than I do when it comes to the latest and greatest electronic additions of the 21st century; and I’m sure that my parents would say the same about me.

I’d like to consider myself pretty open minded to new gadgets.  I embraced an iPod, I moved on from VCRs to DVDs when that time came.  I re-learn how to use my cell phone every time it’s upgraded, and that’s no easy task!

Although my daughter would probably say to me, “Mom Mom, it’s SOOO simple".

I have to say that it seems like there are MORE electronic gadgets and do-dads now than 20 or 30 years ago. And not only that, they seem to get upgraded at a faster rate—or replaced entirely by newer technology before you can even learn the complete ins and outs of the device you just got a year ago.

Do I have time to read all of the manuals? No.  Does anyone—for everything electronic in your household?  I doubt it.  But I try to learn, either by trial and error or having someone show me.  But, despite that, I finally had to let something fall through the cracks when it came to my range of gadgetry expertise, though.  It just became too much. 

Don’t ask me how a Nintendo DS works.  I told my daughter that’s officially her department now.  My husband can command the TV remote better than the cable company. Me—just point me to the channel I want and I’ll get by.  But, ask me how to operate the manual settings on our stoked out camera and I’m your girl.   All in all, our strategy of “divide and conquer” isn’t too shabby.

I’ve listened to audio books on long drives.  I even have read an iBook or two.  I prefer to get my news online through videos and online newspapers than get the black ink all over my hands.  But you can call me old fashioned because I still prefer my gossip and fashion magazines in paper form rather than on my iPad.

There's just something about flipping through the pages and dog-earring them that I like, when I see something that catches my eye. It's comforting to sit on a beach or in a salon being able to touch the glossy pages of Vogue with my fingers and not worry about getting sand in a “port” or water droplets on my screen.  And if I want to smell that perfume sample, I can, with my subscription to W sitting right there in my lap; they haven’t invented smell-a-vision yet for the iPad yet—or have they?  And I’ll continue to rip out a page showing me that perfect outfit for a night out so I can take it in my bag with me to the store when I shop for it.

And with that statement, I must sound like my parents—who still don’t set their VCR clock to this day.  And yes they still have one!

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Harold Levin September 27, 2011 at 01:14 AM
Well said. I still use analog TVs, transistor radios, and really miss tuning in distant ball games using rabbit ear antennas!


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