School Patrols, Gas Leak, Dog Shooting Top Local News

Also in the news were the pipeline repair's business impact and a new district assistant superintendent.

Police responded to the Connecticut shootings and some troubling graffiti at Auten Road Intermediate School, stepping up patrols around the schools.

Buckeye Pipe Line continued work to repair a leak in a gas line underneath Route 206 this week, and determined much more had leaked than originally believed.

Dog Shot By Off-Duty Officer on Route 206

A pair of stray pit bulls wondered onto Route 206 traffic; one bit the wrong man.

Stores in the Sunnyland Plaza were nearly blocked off last week by the ongoing pipeline repair.

New Personnel Head Hired for Hillsborough Schools

While the board unanimously aproved Guy Whitlock for the post, board member Judy Haas had trouble with plans to hire an interim assistant superintendent while Whitlock finishes up in Montclair.  


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