Hillsborough Sells: Change a Room with Furniture Bargains

You can get a new look cheap, thanks to neighbors on Craigslist.

Hillsborough has lots of shops—but no where to buy furniture. If you're thinking of redecorating or just freshening up a room, check out some of these bargains available from nearby residents on Craigslist:

Living room needs an update? Here's a new Queen Anne wingback chair from a model home; or if your tastes are more contemporary, here's a sofa, chair and ottoman.

Kitchen has no taste? Spice it up with this kitchen table with four chairs or maybe this formal dining table (Planning a really big dinner? Here's a set with a table and 16 chairs).

Bedrooms not dreamy enough? This Pennsylvania House bedroom set might help. If guests are coming, this twin bedroom set can fill get the spare room ready. 

If you're the wandering type, and want to take your furniture with you—you're in luck: this 1994 Winnebago is ready to go...furniture included.


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