New Grocery Store Preps Old Pathmark Location

Weis Market begins preparation work to open fourth New Jersey store.

Sunbury, Pa.-based Weis Markets is preparing the former Pathmark store in Hillsborough to re-open as the company's fourth New Jersey location sometime later this year.

"We have two locations scheduled to open in the first half of the year, and two later in the year," company spokesman Dennis Curtin said.

He couldn't confirm which group the Hillsborough store is in, but noted the company is planning a "multi-million dollar project" to "bring it up to our standards," and to have the decor and store layout match the company's trademark appearance.

Weis Markets operates 163 stores in five states, including 25 in Maryland, 11 in upstate New York and three currently open in New Jersey (Hackettstown, Newton and Franklin Borough in Sussex County). Curtin said the stores are full-service grocery stores, with a focus on freshness and quality in its produce, seafood and meat departments.

"We think we have exceptionally fresh departments," Curtin said.

Curtin added the store will offer prepared foods, as well.

"There are some customers who come in at the end of the day, who might not know what they are going to have for dinner," Curtin said. "Those people could end up at a restaurant, or they can take something home."

He said the company competes in many different markets, successfully going up against larger companies by focusing stores on their local markets.

"We know the difference, so we might have a product in a New Jersey store that we won't have in our Hazelton (Pa.) store," Curtin said.

The company is in its 100th year. 

Angelo R. April 01, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Lisa d.. I am going to be the new manager there!!! This company is not a no name !! They have better prices then shoprite ! Go in a weis and see for your self!!
Angelo R. April 01, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Lisa D..., WRONG!! You are very ignorant this chain has 163 stores and growing ! I will be the new manager there! When it opens ! There prices are better then shoprite!.. Go in a weis and see for your self ...
Todd April 16, 2013 at 01:05 PM
Angelo where can one apply for employment?
hillsborough welcome Weis! June 11, 2013 at 09:15 PM
A sad Shop Rite Story! In June, 2013. We are very long time loyal shoppers to Shop Rite in many areas! Somerville Store: Receptionist: black lady there a few weeks ago was so indignant and rude to us during an exchange for a few small bags of candy. The cand was SOLD to us and was outdated. This CSR rep then tried to say we were taking back old candy, refused to refund our monies and then called the security. It was sold to us as legal ShopRites Candy! We immediately reported this to the Store Manager and were told to make a complaint about this Receptionist CSR and her actions. Then we were told she was doing her job?? This tookplace on a Friday Dinner hour shift. For sure..this experience was the worst most awful experience... We will not be back to Shoprite or take our people there to shop any longer! We received an apology from another store in Branchburg, NJ. and told to file a complaint. This was just terrible to a loyal customer. . We look forward to a breath of fresh air and a NEW WEIS. Congratulations! Manville, Somerville Raritan Shoppers, NJ
Steve Mardekian June 26, 2013 at 10:42 PM
What is the latest news regarding the opening of Weis Markets in Hillsborough? I got hired to work there, went to the orientation four weeks ago, and sill have not heard anything regarding training. It's a little frustrating not knowing what is going on, and I've searched extensively on the Internet for news about when it will open.


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