New Business Registrations Down From 2012

County records show slight drop in local residents opening businesses in 2013.

It can be hard to get a measurement on local economic conditions, but one indicator may be the number of people looking to start a new business—and if that's true, then 2013 is off to a slightly slower start than 2012.

Searching the registration of trademarks with the county clerk's office in Somerville for new registrations for businesses that will be either based in Hillsborough or owned by Hillsborough residents yielded 10 new registrations between Jan. 1 and Feb. 26, 2013 (Hillsborough does not issue business licenses).

That's down three from the same period in 2012, not a huge number but a possible indicator of local business development.

We'll check in with the county to watch how the numbers change this year.

The new trademarks registered were:

  • Antonio Chan Janitorial Services 
  • BRB Forensics (land surveying, planning services)
  • Bulbul Co. (clothing)
  • Carpentry Kingdom
  • Rosea Fine Art (fine art sales)
  • Christina Paul (author)
  • Concerned Owners of Alexandria Association 
  • Salsa Y Kontrol (entertainment services)
  • Inca Maya Restaurant, opening in North Plainfield
  • Margil Heating and Cooling Co.

Diane Jones February 27, 2013 at 08:53 PM
Just look at how many businesses have fled Hillsborough. We need some middle class eateries and entertainment to come in. Kmart has fled too so now we have to go Somerset if want to go to that store or Manville to Walmart. Kohl's is another advertisers dream. They have to have sales to bring folks in and when no sale; the prices are higher than normal. You learn that trick in college for advertising=Raise prices normally and then have Advertised sales to bring folks in. Then they are regular priced stuff but you think it is a sale unless you price around.
Edward P. Campbell February 27, 2013 at 09:30 PM
Of course this article brings about the age old question. What does our Business Advocate, Mr. Gene Strupinsky do for all the money we pay him?


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