Hey Hillsborough! Want to Get in Shape With Patch?

We want you to join in on fitness.

I will admit it: I could stand to lose a few.

Isn't that what everyone always says? There's a reason "lose weight" is always at the top or near to the top on people's New Year Resolution lists. But, those lists are fleeting. It's not just about what the scale says. What about real change?

That is what "Patch Takes it Off" is going to be all about. Starting July 4, participating Patch Editors throughout the state (including myself) will begin chronicling their fitness exploits in their coverage areas. Expect profiles on local businesses whose goal is to get people in shape. Expect editor accounts on what they are doing to climb that high hill on the bike, or go the extra several miles around the track. Expect to see your neighbors getting involved.

What's that? Well, we don't just want Patch readers to hear our stories. We want you to be involved in the fun, as well. That is why we are inviting Hillsborough Patch readers who would like to also participate in "Patch Takes It Off" to email or call Eileen Oldfield, Eileen.Oldfield@patch.com 908-552-9983, and request to become a blogger on the site. 

You have already seen plenty of other blogs appear on Hillsborough Patch over the last couple months. Now, we want yours. There is no set standard on how to write it, but we do want to hear how you're "taking it off." Offer suggestions, give advice, tell us what has worked and what hasn't. Consider Hillsborough Patch and "Patch Takes It Off" the ultimate support group.

That's what I'm hoping for. While I plan to participate in this through Labor Day, my real goals are Aug. 7 and Sept. 11—the dates for the New York City Triathlon and the Nation's Triathlon in Washington D.C.. 

So, that's my goal. What's yours? Let me know, and participate with me in "Patch Takes It Off." Together, we're stronger.

spokey June 21, 2011 at 11:47 PM
Getting fit or getting in shape is not the same as taking pounds off. Often they coincide but everyone would be better off focusing on health and fitness than shedding pounds.
Eileen Oldfield June 22, 2011 at 04:01 PM
Hi Spokey, I think you brought up a great point and something that's at the heart of this series--it's about getting fit and opportunities to get fit in town. For me, and I'm sure this is true for several people, this coincides with losing those few stubborn pounds. But, as you said, it's not always the same thing, which is something we hope to emphasize. Besides, once you've lost the pounds (as I look at it) what's your next goal? It's great to have a next step or a plan to do more. If you'd like to share your insights on health and fitness (and why it's not always about weight loss), you're more than welcome to blog about it on the site. I can be reached at Eileen.Oldfield@patch.com to discuss. Thanks! Eileen
spokey June 22, 2011 at 07:47 PM
Thanks but I don't think I have the time. I just checked my personal blog and see that I haven't written anything since January. Ironic as I retired almost a year ago now. Now I don't have time for anything. I have experienced some changes. I only fire up the car a couple times a week. Now i have time to bicycle around town and do minor shopping. Like today. Hopped on the bike around noon as that lying weather.com said we'd have rain by about 2:30. Pedaled over Bagel Garden to pick bus tickets (spouse still trucking to NYC), then down to Raritan and up 206 to Affinity for cash. Finally over to the Post Office (have a PO Box) and home. Probably could have done that 17+ miles in a 1/2 hour or so instead of roughly 1 1/2 it took but the slow pace is more fun. My sort of fitness goal is to ride 1,500 miles by mid September when I plan on hopping on my bike and pedaling with my oldest brother another 1,500 miles to Key West to stop in for a margarita. Oh, but rest assured my doctor tells me to lose weight every single visit.


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