Design Company Wins 'Best Of' Award

Iris Interiors takes Houzz.com honor.

, a Hillsborough-based interior design business owned by local resident Iris Houlihan, was recently bestowed the Houzz.com 2012 “Best of Remodeling” award for the Greater New York City area in the powder room design category.

Houzz.com, which holds the contest annually, is a well-renowned interior design social network where architects, designers and homeowners can create and share design ideas using methods such as the network’s popular “Ideabooks,” where users will list designs and concepts of interest to them. The “Best of Remodeling” awards were voted on by approximately 1.2 million people, and Houlihan is honored to have had her design become so popular amongst the site’s viewers.

“It’s huge, just because of the large number of people who have pictures posted,” Houlihan said. “It’s architects and designers, as well as many homeowners who are looking at the pictures (on Houzz.com). It’s a huge honor.”

“Basically, what they did is they just looked through data that they have and found out which pictures received the most interest,” Houlihan continued.

In an official press release from Houzz, Houlihan’s design was referred to as “flawless,” among other complimentary terms.

“The space, which snagged a win in the ‘Design’ category, features dramatic damask wallpaper in bronze. The two-toned pattern with a hint of shimmer, adds texture and depth to the small space,” the press release said. “The porcelain tiled floor, in a complementary hue, plays off the shades of bronze. The powder room is complete with a gorgeous cream pedestal sink with matching toilet and a sleek, functional mirror framed in dark wood tones. The clean white trim looks crisp and refreshing against the bold walls. Simple, yet striking, the design is flawless down to the wooden tray housing powder room essentials.”

Houlihan’s involvement with Houzz’s online resources has deepened over time. Houlihan said that she frequents the website for resources—including posting photos of her own—when working with clients to gain a better picture for what they are looking to do with the design of their homes.

“I go (to Houzz.com) because, when I have a client who wants to do a project with me, I ask them, ‘Do you have any inspiration for me?’ so I understand what they’re looking for,” Houlihan said. “I do suggest that they create an Ideabook on Houzz that they can share with me. It’s a nice, visual way to exchange ideas. From more of an advertising perspective, I have some projects that I want to share and I put them out there (as well).”

For more information on Iris Interiors, please visit the company’s website at http://www.iris-interiors.com. To find out more about Houzz.com, please refer here to the network’s official website.


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