Biz Advocate: Fine Dining Not Fit for Industrial Area

Cheaper, more casual restaurant best suited to replace The Maestro 206.

High-end restaurants like The Maestro 206, which recently closed, have been a difficult sell in an industrial and traffic-congested area of Route 206, Hillsborough's business advocate said.

According to Gene Strupinsky, the space at 150 Route 206, which previously housed another fine-dining restaurant in CoccoLa, would be best suited for a less-expensive eatery to accommodate the high amount of blue-collar workers in the area.

"I consider it a problem area for a high-priced restaurant," Strupinsky said. "It is in an industrial zone whose workers have neither the time nor the salary for lunch at Maestro's prices. Neither will there be a large demand for business lunches in this part of Hillsborough.

"The proximity to Somerville with all its restaurants doesn't help, either. A restaurant like Maestro would be better suited for Town Center. Where they were, they would need other restaurants or businesses that draw people to have a shot at survival."

Strupinsky said he's reached out to three of his restaurant contacts and none have expressed interest in the space. According to Strupinsky, one of The Maestro's owners may consider re-opening the restaurant if he can find investors.

Many they would like to see a Trader Joe's move into the location.

That's something on everyone's wish list, Strupinsky said.

"Hillsborough would love to have a Trader Joe's," he said.

However, the "industrial location, small size of the building all work against it," according to Strupinsky, who said Trader Joe's has been targeting Bridgewater as a possible new location in the area.

The size of the location and the traffic configuration would also likely prevent a type of sports complex, as some readers suggested, from moving into the location.

"A possibility," Strupinsky said. "The negatives are that the existing building isn't suitable and the potentially large amount of traffic that this type of business could attract would be a problem at this spot on Route 206 without a traffic signal and being close to the trucks exiting the VA Depot. 

"Perhaps a right in/right out only traffic pattern might help or after Route 206 is widened in this area and a Jersey barrier is put in, but that is years away and hopefully something will be in the Maestro's building well before then."

marge bruno March 23, 2012 at 05:43 PM
margemargve get a chain to come in, like jose tejas. i went to all those other places and they were crap. this is 2012 not 1980.
Pen Man March 24, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Mayor: Biz Advocate not fit for Hillsborough Is what that headline should have read.
chris April 05, 2012 at 05:31 PM
i didnt read all the comments, but (i mean this as respectfully as possible) was "the maestro" *fine* dining?
sammy April 05, 2012 at 07:06 PM
boro business owner - you are wasting your time on people here . they have made up there mind based on faulty logic, lack of facts, idiotic presumptions ; especially the ones where they think because Gene opened his mouth that any prospect wiil now ignore us.. too funny. anyway, we who have used his services know his worth and frankly he never seemed affected by what losers like these go on about since without the facts they can opine but it is nothing but hot air. If you own a business in this town you are far better off today with Gene than when we did not have him here. And for the bs complaints about Gene, let me point out that all of the companies mentioned either have their own marketing/site location consultants or use a private company to check metrics to determine the worthiness of this area for any of those businesses. Also, many of the family style , mid priced restaraunts mentioned would be franchisees with PRIVATE MONEY making a choice to come here ... not a corporate conglomerate. Pure stupidity here.
Bharat June 17, 2012 at 04:24 PM
are there many Indian restaurants in Hillsborough? do people here think it would work? obviously the food has to be super & service even better than food.


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