Ash's Flower Farm Seized by Department of Taxation

Route 206 business is surrounded by tape, with notice for nonpayment.

in Hillsborough has been shut down, with tape surrounding the property and a notice of seizure from the New Jersey Division of Taxation hanging outside.

The notice, dated Aug. 22, says the property has been seized for nonpayment of New Jersey state taxes.

The name of Department of Taxation regional supervisor Marita Sciarrotta appears on the notice. 

Barb September 08, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Believe me this man know how to play the system and know how to do it well!!
Lisa M September 08, 2012 at 06:59 PM
He is scum, the lowest of the low!!!He even ripped off his mother!!! She lost everything!!! She trusted him to put his business loans against her house and he went Chapter 11 and she lost her home- had to give away her animals and to this day lives in a small rented apartment.
Lisa M September 08, 2012 at 07:03 PM
BTW, He has ripped off so many more vendors than this article tells about. The chapter 11 in 2007 was planned and he ordered a years worth of inventory in Spring knowing he would go into Chapter 11 and none of the vendors would be allowed to come and get their inventory. Its sick that the law allows such a thing!!! He ordered so much stuff that year there was no where to put it. He is a very sick man that has been completely consumed with greed at any cost!!!!!
S.G. September 08, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Auction by the Division of Taxation... http://www.hillsboroughnjjournal.blogspot.com/2012/09/ashs-flower-farm-inventory-auction.html
S.G. September 08, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Kristi, there is an auction by NJ Division of Taxation on Thursday. Tax liens are first in line when money is owed... http://www.hillsboroughnjjournal.blogspot.com/2012/09/ashs-flower-farm-inventory-auction.html


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