Patch Looks Back: Hillsborough's Biggest Stories

Hillsborough Patch recaps the biggest stories since our launch one year ago.

It's been a long year in Hillsborough, as residents, officials, and local businesses know.

Here, Hillsborough Patch recaps its biggest stories since the site's Dec. 8, 2010 lauch:

December 2010:

Dec. 8: Hillsborough Patch launches with stories on the township’s universal playground, Auten Road students’ efforts to spread holiday warmth, and

Dec. 10: The Planning Board’s hearing on a proposed —and the meeting ends right before public comment on the plan.

Dec. 15: The county-ordered property revaluation has town officials expecting a in home values.

Dec 26, 27: A post-Christmas blizzard dumps over a foot of snow on town, but .

Dec 29: Former , filling former administrator Kevin Davis’ spot.


January, 2011:

Jan. 4: About .

Jan. 5: for 2011.

Jan. 10: The New Jersey Senate . That sound you just heard was the town cheering for the girls!

Jan. 11: A woman and her five-year-old daughter are . The building sustained minor damages, which were handled by insurance.

Jan. 12: Eight inches of , though

Jan. 26, 27: The snow beings on the 26 and school’s canceled on the 27th, but the .



Feb. 19: Hillsborough

Feb. 23: Hillsborough Schools receive an additional .

Feb 28: Three Hillsborough in Atlantic City.



March 1: The tentative school budget comes it at .

March 2: Gov. Christie holds a town hall meeting in .

March 5: Hillsborough High School Wrestler at the state tournament in Atlantic City.

March 8: Six candidates on the Board of Education.

March 11: The proposal for a .

March 22: Privatizing services is avoided after the .

March 29: The Board of Education approved a for the April elections. The budget focuses on



April 2: Rich and Debbie Norz, of Hillsborough’s award-winning farming dynasty, . after being named 2010’s Outstanding Young Farmers on the state and national levels.

April 4: District 16 becomes much more competitive as the new district map has .

April 11: Four candidates . They include Republicans incumbent Gloria McCauley and newcomer Douglas Tomson  and Democrats Aldo Martinez and John Reddan.

April 26, 27: Hillsborough prepares for a The meeting draws , but elicits no announcement about a contract.

April 28: The school budget passes by .



May 3: Steven Paget and Mark Rosenberg are

May 4: The Board of Education .

May 11: Three Hillsborough police

May 17: Two charter schools name , with the threat of almost $1 million in tuition payments to the schools.

May 18: Board member Barbara Sargent .

May 21: Kevin Carty replaces Vince Coviello as

May 23: Hillsborough High School goes into lockdown after The students are later charged with disorderly conduct.

May 25: The Township Committee undertakes a $2 million project to

May 26: Hillsborough’s annual .


June 3: A controversial call at the NJSIAA Central Jersey Championship.

June 6: Auten Road Intermediate School teacher

June 12: The universal playground

June 13: After 44 years of serving

June 14: Dana Boguzewski is appointed to

June 23: Hillsborough High School graduates



July 3, 8: Rainy weather cancels Hillsborough’s .

July 13: Hillsborough Township

July 19: The Board of Education agrees to .

July 26: New York Giant and Hillsborough High School .

July 28: En route to a press conference to sign three Open Space bills,.



Aug. 2: After enduring a graduation ceremony in a hot and stuff gym—where several people needed to be treated for heat problems—

Aug. 3: A week after his asthma attack, .

Aug. 12: Former . She’s remembered

Aug. 13: A Richmond Court fire . No humans are harmed though three cats perish.

Aug. 16: Money Magazine names Hillsborough one of the

Aug. 17: Trillium School, one of the charter schools that named Hillsborough as a sending district,

Aug. 23: Tremors from a Virginia , though no damage is seen in New Jersey.

Aug. 28: . The township opens an emergency shelter in the At least one family from that area  while

Aug. 31: 45 houses are



Sept. 1: The township fireworks are canceled

Sept. 7, 8: Tropical Storm Lee ignores warnings that we’re already too soggy, and . The water requires the school district to .

Sept. 11: Volunteer Fire Companies No. 2 and 3 remember those lost in 9/11, and through the dedication of a

Sept. 27: The Board of Education approves



Oct. 11: The Board of Education is split on how to spend the funds from

Oct. 13: Hillsborough High School US Government and Politics students set the

Oct. 26: Assemblyman Peter Biondi reveals a cancer diagnosis, but says he will still run for his assembly seat.

Oct. 30, 31: A Halloween It’s status quo with the weather, Mayor McCauley says.



Nov. 3: An appeal to demolish an

Nov. 8: Gloria McCauley and Douglas Tomson, Republican candidates for Township Committee, , while Republicans sweep .

Nov. 10: After 25 years of studies, debates and approvals, t

Nov. 11: Days after winning reelection to his assembly seat, He’s remembered as the town’s patriarch, officials say.

Nov. 15: The school district reinstates its elementary school World Language program, and

Nov. 17: Hillsborough Township joins the



Dec. 2: The site plan proposal for a . The developer, Route 206 Enterprises, hopes to present data on traffic into and out of the site—an issue currently under discussion with state and county officials.

Dec. 5: Just six months after surgery to remove a brain tumor,

Dec. 7: The Board of Education agrees to reconsider its


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