Electric Car Owners Reduce Carbon Footprint in Style

With solar panels to power their new vehicle, Louis and Nadine Sapirman won't be stopping at gas stations much.

During their New Year's party, More Road residents Louis and Nadine Sapirman were getting ready to welcome the new year when they got a surprise: a new Tesla S coupe was delivered to their driveway in time for a midnight test.

The car—the innovative vehicle designed from the get-go as an electric car by the high-tech manufacturer—had been expected to be delivered in December, but when troubles on the vehicle carrier it was shipped from the Fremont, Calif., plant kept the local shop from being able to unload it, the Sapirmans figured it would be a while after the holidays before they saw their car.

Instead, a surprise delivery as the family's guests watched added a special twist to their New Year celebration.

Any gas company credit cards could be cut up, and if they resolved to minimize their carbon footprint in 2013, they're off to a good start.

"We tend to treat the environment well," Ms. Sapirman, a member of BoroGreen,  said. She added the family has long made a commitment to reduce their energy consumption, including the installation of solar panels during a home remodeling project about six years ago that provides most of their electricity (any remaining need is provided by a company using only renewable energy sources).

And after she purchased a Toyota Prius in 2010, her husband began thinking about replacing his Acura with an electric vehicle.

"We wanted to support the advances in clean technology," Louis Sapirman said, as well as find something perhaps even more efficient than the Prius.

They test drove one of Tesla's roadsters, which was great—for someone without teenage sons in tow. Then came news of the development of the bigger S model.

Four-doors, posh interior, state-of-the-art engineering...and neck-snapping performance.

They dropped a deposit immediately.

"We were No. 2,360 on the waiting list," Sapirman said.

Tesla began shipping the car—named Motor Trend's "Car of the Year"—in September, and the Sapirmans believe they have one of the first delivered in New Jersey.

Whether it's the first or not, odds are it's the first to be drinking only solar power...Sapirman's commute to work near Short Hills barely taps the car's batteries, but he was anxious for a drive to Washington, DC, to attend a conference to have a chance to stretch it out a little.

And to take advantage of a Tesla company-installed charging station in Delware.

"It's a super-charger, so I can stop in and have lunch and get a full charge on the car," he said, adding the company provides the charging at no cost.

elizabeth January 08, 2013 at 02:11 PM
very cool - the Sapirmans are always finding ways to inspire the rest of us!
centurion January 08, 2013 at 02:29 PM
All you need is cash.
sammy January 08, 2013 at 02:45 PM
What enviro impacts exist producing batteries. Are the factories in Canada producing them superfund sites waiting to happen?


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