Sandy Relief Fundraiser Looks to Make an Impact

Hillsborough !MPACT Training joins nation-wide project for Sunday's Day of Impact.

A fundraising event set for Sunday morning at !MPACT Training and across the country may attract thousands of people to step up their fitness plans while helping Hurricane Sandy victims.  

The Day of IMPACT event is being organized by California-based trainer Todd Durkin, who grew up in Brick. Durkin trained !MPACT owner Michael Scannelli, who was happy to join the program when Durkin reached out to about 150 trainers across the country he has mentored.

"The fact that Todd decided to take an active role in gathering all his mentorees from around the country is really an amazing thing—and my wife, Hillarie and I are both really happy to be a part of this nationwide event," Scannelli said.  

The event is open to anyone 16 years old and older interested in participating, and will present the center's Tota Development Bootcamp for a $20 donation to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation, a nonprofit organized specifically for the Hurricane Sandy fundraising. Two hour-long sessions will be offered, at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

"We are holding two sessions with the hope one of those times will appeal to people and we will get a great turnout," Scannelli said. "We ran a regular bootcamp on the day after Thanksgiving and had 35 people show up for it at 8 a.m.—So, we are hoping for an even bigger crowd being it is such a worthwhile fundraiser." 

For more information, contact !MPACT Training at 908-428-7978. 


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