Thomas Edison Award Presented to Hillsborough Man

Research and Development Council on New Jersey honors work by Thomas Chapuran.

Danley Lane resident Thomas Chapuran and his fellow researchers at Basking Ridge-based Applied Communication Sciences are walking in Thomas Edison's steps, says the Research & Development Council of New Jersey, which awarded them with an Edison Patent Award.

The award was made for the patent the team received for its “Distributable Quantum Relay Architecture," which the council said "enables the use of widely distributed quantum relay or repeater stations along a fiber communications link or network to significantly increase the distance over which quantum communications can be established in a practical network."

Chapuran worked with Matthew Goodman, Nicholas Peters and Robert Runser on the product, which won the council's award in the emerging technology category. The presentation of awards was made Nov. 8 at a special event at the Liberty Science Center.

Applied Communication Sciences, formerly Telcordia Advanced Technology Solutions, develops advanced networking systems for military and government applications, according to the company's website.  

The award was among those presented to 30 inventors and 13 New Jersey companies and universities recognized in the Research and Development Council's 50th anniversary celebration this year. The awards included recognition for new patents in agriculture, biotechnology, materials technology, medical diagnostic, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and other fields.

Other award recipients included Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company, Honeywell, Immunomedics, Merck Research Laboratories, NJIT, Rutgers, Siemens Corporation, Corporate Research & Technology, TE Connectivity SubCom and UMDNJ.

“We are thrilled to honor such significant and interesting patent work for the Council’s 50th anniversary,” Ian Shankland, vice president and chief technology officer of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, and chairman of the R & D Council of New Jersey, said. “When you think of the tremendous history that New Jersey has in innovation, dating back to Thomas Edison in the late 1800s, the Council is fairly young at 50 years, but we have accomplished a lot during this time and we are excited to celebrate this milestone.”

This year’s award winners were honored at the Council’s 50th Anniversary Celebration & 33rd  Edison Patent Award Ceremony & Reception on November 8, 2012 at the Liberty Science Center, home to the nation’s largest IMAX Theater, where an original film will highlight each patent and its inventors. 

“For decades now, the Council has made it a priority to recognize the contributions of New Jersey researchers from academia, industry and government laboratories, and this year is in keeping with that tradition," Council President Anthony Cicatiello said. "The honored individuals and inventors are changing the world, and we want everyone in New Jersey to recognize the significance of their work and share in their pride. The Patent Awards Ceremony is the Council’s way of showing our appreciation and recognition of these talented individuals and the organizations that support them.” 

The Research & Development Council of New Jersey is dedicated to cultivating an environment that supports the advancement of research and development throughout New Jersey. The Council is composed of senior representatives from industry, academia and government. Many R&D Council members represent today’s Fortune 500 companies. More information on the Council and the Edison Patent Awards can be found at the council's website.  


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