Hillsborough School Board Addresses Class Sizes At Woodfern Elementary

Many parents of Woodfern Elementary School students lined up to speak to the board when the Q-and-A section opened to speak on this issue.

Hillsborough's Board of Education addressed class sizes for second graders at Woodfern Elementary School during its Monday meeting.

Many parents of Woodfern Elementary School students lined up to speak to the board when the Q-and-A section opened to speak on this issue.

The parents agreed that the education received for grades K-3 is critical and that the board should cap the class size at 22. One parent claimed that the class sizes jumped from 18 students to 24 students.

Another parent said that, when it comes to educating children, the budget shouldn't be an issue.

After listening, Board President Jorden Schiff responded that state aid hasn’t increased in three years. The board members agreed to discuss the issue further around the budget cycle, when they have a sense of how much they will have to spend.

Other topics discussed during the meeting were motions to approve submission of the district bilingual/ ESL three-year program plan for the school years 2014-2017. The program would be implemented in all schools.

The board was happy to introduce a newly hired Director of special services, Kathryn Warlick. Warlick will be replacing Leonore Johnston, who retired.

sammy June 24, 2014 at 02:19 PM
when it comes to educating a child the budget should not be an issue ! Excuse me but when is enough ? article says 18-24 , which is sizeable difference. how many have 24 kids , 23, 22 etc. is this an aberation, escalation - annually, or will it continue. their has to be more to this story. 24 is a large number. how many teachers in the room , how many are off to special classes during the day or do they spend the whole day in one room - all 24. lousy reporting.
Rick June 25, 2014 at 10:39 AM
Like it or not, budget will always be an issue. It wasn't so long ago that the average class size was closer to 30 and a single teacher taught alone in the class for nearly all subjects except specials (art, gym, music). Now, there are specialists, aides and individual teachers for specific students. A more realistic breakdown would show the loading of all of the teachers through the day. Show how many adults + how many students are in each class during each period and how many adults are not deployed during those times.
S.G. June 25, 2014 at 04:26 PM
Yes, we had 28-30 students in our elementary school classes with one teacher and the gym, art, and music teachers. and almost all of us grew into educated, intelligent, commonsense, contributing adults.
tr June 25, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Almost 70% of your local real estate TAXES go to the schools. Ex. Out of $10,000.00 in YOUR taxes - $7000.00 goes to teachers, administrators, school janitors, lunch aides, room aides, salaries, BENEFITS, and debt service. And you say "budget should not be an issue"????? What La La land do you exist in or what NJEA unit do you pay dues to? There are some crazy people here in Hillsborough!
S.G. June 25, 2014 at 04:22 PM
"The budget shouldn't be an issue?" So how many residents should be forced to sell their homes because they can't afford the school taxes? And at what school tax rate would homes in Hillsborough become hard to sell because prospective buyers look at the taxes and say "No, thanks" or " I can't"? Thank goodness our BOE understands that the taxpayers are not an infinite source of money and that almost 60% of households have no children under 18 yoa (2010 Census). Spending more money doesn't necessarily make for a better education. [BTW, when Sammy and I agree on something...whoa!]


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