Democrats Launch 'Community Club'

Plans "Inaugural gala" for Jan. 21 at Roycebrook.

Michael Goldberg, chairman of the Hillsborough Democratic Organization, today announced the formation of the Hillsborough Democratic Community Club.

The new club will work closely with the Democratic Organization as it strives to elect Democrats in Hillsborough to public office, support all Democratic Candidates, promote open and fair elections while encouraging voter participation and oppose voter suppression and interference by any means. 

“The Hillsborough Democratic Community Club (HDDC) will provide the opportunity and point of entry for all Hillsborough Democrats who wish to get to know their fellow Democrats and decide to become more active politically,” said Goldberg. “The HDCC will form an integral part of our party development plan by sponsoring fun and exciting events, informational meetings and fundraising to support the election efforts of our local candidates and to increase awareness of issues that are important to Hillsborough residents.” 

William Kole was elected President of the Hillsborough Democratic Community Club. A Hillsborough High School graduate, Kole distinguished himself as a candidate for the Hillsborough Board of Education and for the New Jersey State Assembly in the 16th Legislative District. 

Aldo Martinez, Esq. was elected Vice- President of the HDDC. Martinez has also been a candidate for Hillsborough Board of Education as well as for Hillsborough Township Committee. 

Susan Martinez, currently Treasurer of the Hillsborough Democratic Organization was elected Treasurer. Long time Hillsborough residents Bob and Betty Ann Baker were elected respectively as Corresponding and Recording Secretaries of the Club. 

In addition to the elected officials, joining Mr. Goldberg as founding members of the new HDCC are leaders of the Democratic Party in Hillsborough including, among others: 

  • Maureen E. Vella, Esq., Vice Chair of the Hillsborough Democratic Organization and former candidate for NJ State Senate and Hillsborough Township Committee, 
  • Sonya Martin, former Hillsborough Township Committee Member and Deputy Mayor, 
  • Paul Drake, former Hillsborough Township Committee Member, 
  • Christian Mastondrea, Esq. former Candidate for Somerset County Freeholder and Hillsborough Township Committee and Sergeant at Arms for the Hillsborough Democratic Organization, 
  • Ida Ochoteco, Co- Chair of the Somerset County Democrats Latin American Caucus and recipient of the Somerset County 2012 Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Outstanding Leadership and Secretary of the Hillsborough Democratic Organization, and 
  • Jim Farley, former School Board Member and Hillsborough Fire chief and candidate for Hillsborough Township Committee. 

Also joining Mr. Goldberg as members of an advisory board are Hillsborough Democrats Dr. Agber Ifan and Zanenge (Zee) Ifan, Bonnie Kole and David Kole, Chris Ochoteco, Al Ojeda and David Singer, Esq. 

“I am excited to be a part of this endeavor as we all work together to build our party and achieve electoral success,” said Kole. “With over 5,000 registered Democrats and potential members of the Hillsborough Democratic Community Club, our job will be to reach out, inform, and excite people and help them actively participate as members of our Hillsborough Democratic family. Working closely with Mike, Maureen, Aldo and all interested Hillsborough Democrats, I know we will be successful.” 

Club President Kole joins Goldberg in announcing the first event scheduled for 2013 and sponsored jointly by the Hillsborough Democratic Organization and the new HDCC.

“We are all very proud that Hillsborough voted to support President Obama on Nov. 6th,” said Kole. “We are inviting all Hillsborough supporters of President Obama to an ‘Inaugural Gala’ on Jan. 21 as the President is sworn in for his second term in office. This will be a fun evening, with food, camaraderie, music and refreshments, to be held at the Roycebrook Country Club. Stay tuned for further details.” 

For more information, contact Michael Goldberg at (908) 722-9672 or mikegold722@gmail.com.

Submitted by Robert Baker

sammy December 11, 2012 at 03:03 PM
"promote open and fair elections while encouraging voter participation and oppose voter suppression and interference by any means" i missed seeing the jackbooted, mean spirited , threatening republican election monitors preventing anyone from voting. All i saw where a bunch of nice older people with donuts and candy in their mouths helping me thru the process. Definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This whole charade is an insult, a joke; these are serious times , for serious people trying to solve real problems on how to maintain Hillsborough as a desirable place to live and work. Not clowns, food, parties and show tunes.


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