Parenting Expert's New Year's Resolution Goes Public

Hillsborough resident responds to daughter's challenge after TV appearance.

Even experts can be caught by surprise by kids' keen perception—as Hillsborough resident and parenting expert Jackie P. Taylor was after she and her daughter Kennedy taped a segment for New York CBS affiliate WLNY TV on Wednesday

Taylor and her daughter were featured in a segment about setting New Year's goals with kids, during which Taylor, author of "SuperPower Parenting: Strategies for Motivating Today's Youth" and the children's book "Meet CABEAR," revealed the sad statistics behind New Year's resolutions (about half of us give up before the end of January, and only 8 percent reached their goals).

Taylor said after the segment, Kennedy, 10, was quiet, but finally spoke up during the ride home. 

"You said only 8 percent of grown ups actually meet their goals and more than half of them drop out before the end of January," Kennedy said. "Why should kids even partner with parents if they suck at it?" 


Taylor responded by making her resolution public, posting it on a Facebook page and asking for others to help her meet her own 2013 Challenge to lose weight.

"Kennedy basically put me out there to prove that what I say is true," Taylor said. "I'm doing this to set and example for my child but to also represent parents as good goal-setting partners for their kids!

"I didn't want to wimp out so I chose something that I have definitely struggled with over the years," she added. "This way my daughter sees first hand that I'm serious."

She did notice her mom's public plan. Taylor said Kennedy pointed out everyone will be keeping an eye on her shopping cart at ShopRite.

Taylor is a divorced mother of five children, three of whom she recently adopted after being a licensed foster parent since 2005. Her expertise led her to create the goal-setting bear character of her CABEAR book, which she has featured in educational video. She travels to schools and youth organizations providing the tools kids need to focus on goals and stay out of trouble throughout the year, and offers parenting workshops to encourage parents to be more engaged in their children's school life.  


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